Sonia Ricotti

Sonia Ricotti is the best-selling author, a motivational leader, a corporate trainer, and a life transformational coach. She is the CEO and the President of “Lead Out Loud”. It is a transformational leadership and personal development company based in Toronto. However, Sonia prefers to call herself a “Bounce Back” expert.

Sonia Ricotti has trained millions of people across the globe on how to transform their lives for better, through her books, videos, and workshops. She is also the author of 3 best-selling books,

  • Unsinkable: How to bounce back quickly when life knocks you down
  • The Law of Attraction Plain and Simple
  • Mastering the Law of Attraction

Most of Sonia Ricotti’s work originated from how she herself managed to bounce back in life from an extremely troubled situation. Things were not so good in Sonia’s life a few years back. She had debt worth of $124,000, her relationship ended on a very bad note, she lost her home to foreclosure and had some major health issues. Even after all this she miraculously managed to bounce back in life and created this major online platform, “Lead Out Loud”.

Both her books talk majorly about her life experiences and how she used the power of The Law of Attraction and transformed her life for the greater good.

Sonia Ricotti is the best person when it comes to simplifying the law of attraction. She travels all around the world motivating and inspiring people from all cross of life from corporates to students.

Sonia is also the co-host of a very well-known radio show “Lead Out Loud Talk show”. She has interviewed some of the biggest transformational coaches of recent times.

In her own words she explains how to simplify life and take things as it comes:

Just trust that everything is unfolding the way it is supposed to. Don’t resist. Surrender to what is, let go of what was and have faith in what will be.” – Sonia Ricotti