7 Habits to Give Up to be Successful

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

  Have You ever wondered, Why you keep getting the same Results over and over and over again?

  Have you ever thought that people with higher education and lots of degrees live a miserable life and are often financially broke, while few others with very less education earn millions?

The Answer is Habits

You are defined by Your Habits and Changing the Habits can change your entire life.

Learn How to Change Habits for a Better, Success, and more Meaningful Life from Bob Proctor who is teaching this concept for the last 55 years and changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Know the rules

You are defined by your habits. Changing your habits will change your Actions, and the changed Actions will bring better results. So, changing your habits will change your results and make your life more meaningful. You might be a believer of the Law of Attraction or tried Manifestation process, but if you don’t change your habits, you won’t get the desired results. To make the process easier, you can start with 7 Habits to Give up for a better life. Give up the habits that are not serving you anymore.

Habit forming is natural to humans. Some of these habits align with your values and expectations and help you to reach your ultimate success. However, along the way, you also develop some habits which hold you back and create a distraction. It is crucial that you GIVE UP the bad habits if you seriously want to accomplish your goals in life. Below mentioned 7 habits might seem trivial to you, but these are the significant barriers between you and your success.

7 Habits to Give Up for a Successful Life

  1. Give up the Unhealthy Lifestyle: A Healthy Mind exists in a Healthy Body. Exercise at least 30 mins a day to keep your body healthy. You don’t need to do heavy weight lifting or exhausting activities. You can start with Yoga which will keep both, body and mind healthy.
  2. Give up making Excuses: We make excuses when we don’t want to take responsibility. Have faith in yourself, know that you can do anything you want to do, take responsibility for jobs assigned to you, and don’t make any excuse.
  3. Give up Multitasking all the time: Multitasking is good for increased concentration and productivity, but most of the time, our brain can focus on only one thing. So, multitasking is good, but don’t make it your habit. To get the best result, FOCUS.
  4. Give up being Serious all the time: Seriousness towards your work is good but being serious all the time takes away the fun of life. Life becomes dull and heavy. Take time to Smile, Laugh, and perform silly acts that will make others laugh.
  5. Give up being Late: Being late is not situational as most people say. People don’t get delayed because of adverse circumstances, but they get late because of their habit of getting late. Change this Habit, and it will give you instant Credibility.
  6. Give up holding onto the past: The only place where the past exists is in your mind. Take it out of your mind, and you will feel happy and light. Bad things happen to everyone, but your past can’t decide your Future; however your Present can. Live in the Preset.
  7. Give up Procrastinating: The right time to start what you want to do is NOW, it’s not tomorrow or on any specific date. Situations and Circumstances will never be favorable. Learn how to stop procrastinating and doing things now. Start from where you are and with whatever you have right now. Take Action NOW.

Giving up the above mentioned 7 habits can create a new version of you. Check out our Inspirational Quotes section for daily inspiration.

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Manifest by Changing Your Habits