Sandy Gallagher


Sandy Gallagher (Sandra Gallagher) is CEO and Co-founder of world-renowned Proctor Gallagher Institute. Sandy along with Bob Proctor work closely with their team of professionals to provide coaching, consulting and training all around the globe. They offer the most practical methodologies to develop the extraordinary power of the mind. These ways are the most powerful, profound and transformative strategies which very few have witnessed or experienced to date.

Corporate Life:

Sandy Gallagher was a prominent name in the business world of high finance. She was a well-reputed attorney in banking law. Her expertise included mergers and acquisitions worth billions of dollars, IPOs, and other such big financial transactions. Sandy also served as an advisor to boards and top executives of Fortune 500 firms.

Turning Point:

One day after the persuasion by a friend attended a Seminar by Bob Proctor which change the complete course of her life. During that presentation, Bob asked a question to his audience, “What do you really want?”.  The question moved Sandy from inside and forced her to find the answer to “WHY”. She realized that she was in the presence of a truly extraordinary human being. Through Bob’s teaching Sandy finally understood the answers to all these questions and entered the path of lifelong success. She joined Bob’s team leaving behind her high-profile law practice. Sandy along with Bob designed her first and most powerful corporate transformational programme, Thinking Into Results.  The programme is till date a widely acknowledged corporate programme. Sandy along with Bob founded Proctor and Gallagher Institute. She is currently working as CEO and President of the organization.

Other Roles:

Sandy Gallagher co-authored her first book The Art of Living along with Bob Proctor. Her other best-selling book was Living the Big Picture, which is again widely acclaimed by readers. Sandy Gallagher is also supporting various organizations working for the benefit of society. She plays an active role in supporting the Unstoppable Foundation founded by Cynthia Kersey. The organization works in educating those people who have otherwise had no hope of having a quality education.

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