Paradigm Shift Seminar is a Live Streaming Seminar by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. This personal development seminar is about improving your results irrespective of your field. It’s about understanding yourself and knowing your habits that are not serving you. The maestro Bob Proctor also shows you the way to change the bad habits to good habits which are required for your growth and success. It’s a two and a half day life-changing program that you can attain from anywhere in the world. During the program you can ask questions through live chat and after the program, you will have the recording of the entire event for two weeks.

What is Paradigm?

Paradigms are the multitude of habits. These are other people’s habits that have been passed generation after generations. Whatever you do from morning to night is controlled by your Paradigm. So, your Paradigm is your mental programming that determines your behavior, the capacity to work, your attitude and everything that you do. The Paradigm Shift is needed to change the habits that are not serving you.

“The Part of the Mind which sets the Goal is not the same which achieves it.”

Paradigm Shift Seminar Reviews: What is there in the Box?

  • Two and a half day Live Teaching Seminar with Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher on identifying your Paradigms and changing it for better, more productive and successful life.
  • Live Streaming of the program globally. You can join through your laptop, iPad, mobile and other tablet devices.
  • Facility to ask questions during the seminar through live chat.
  • Recording of the entire event for two weeks.
  • Download Materials: Digital copy of Paradigm Shift Workbook, Goal Card, Gratitude Pad, and much more.
  • Access to the Facebook Group of like-minded people.

Paradigm Shift Review: Pros & Cons


  • Live Program: The biggest advantage of the Paradigm Shift Live Streaming Seminar is, it’s a Live Seminar, not a recorded one. You get the latest and up to date training. This year’s Bob Proctor Paradigm Shift Streaming is going to be different from that of last year because, in this one year, the level of awareness of the speakers got changes. Now, they are more aware and advanced, and so the program is.
  • Live Streaming Globally: The main event is in Los Angeles, California, on October 5th – 7th. The entire program live streams globally so that people from all parts of the world can attain and see what’s going on Live. The only requirement is the Internet and a device (laptop, iPad, mobile) which supports streaming.
  • Live Chat: During this Bob Proctor Seminar, you will have a live chat where you can ask questions and interact with other participants. This is of great help as it provides a two-way communication. You will also come to know who all are attending the live event.
  • Know Yourself: The Paradigm Shift Event is about You. It’s about your mind and your thought. Your Actions are the expression of what’s going on inside your mind. You only have to know you in order to improve your results. The entire program is designed to understand your nature and behavior.
  • Action Steps: The Paradigm Shift Seminar is different from other coaching programs as it provides you the exact action steps that you need to perform to get the results you want to get. It’s not just a lecture on the mind and human behavior. It gives you the exercises to complete and few of them you will do during the live event.
  • Works for Everyone: The mind of every human being operates in the almost same way. So, this seminar is for everyone. You might be a student, an employee, a professional, businessman or anything, if you do exactly what is taught during the live event, your results must improve.
  • The Right Understanding of LOA: Many people fail to Manifest what they want using the Law of Attraction. They fail because they don’t understand how The Law of Attraction works and what is The Law of Vibration. This self-help program gives you a good understanding of this along with other laws of the Universe.


  • Two and a Half Day Seminar: It’s a two and a half day seminar, so you have to clear your calendar on Oct 5th to Oct 7th to attain the program.
  • Only Two Weeks Replay: The recording of the program is available only for two weeks. So, you will have to make sure to watch as many times as you can during that two weeks and take notes.
  • Actions: You have to take Action. You will have to complete the exercises that you might not want to complete, or your mind can say it’s silly. But if you want the improved results, you will have to go through the process.
  • Repetition: One of the key teachings of the program is Repetition. It’s boring and sometimes seems illogical, but you will have to get involved in Repetition if you want visible results out of this program.
  • Price: The program cost is $147 which might be a little high for a few people. However, if you attain the program attentively and do what it says, you can multiply your income within a very short period of time.

Bottom Line:

Paradigm Shift Seminar is the understanding and answer of the question,

“Why do we do the things that we don’t want to do, keep getting the results that we don’t want to get, and we do them anyways.”

The general perception is, if a person knows how to do better, he will do better. But, in reality, it doesn’t happen. Students know how to get better marks, salesperson know how to make more sales, businessmen know how to expand the business, employees know how to perform better; but they don’t do what they already know how to do. This is because of the Paradigm. All the information is dumped into our conscious mind, but it’s the subconscious mind which controls our Actions. As the image in the subconscious mind doesn’t change, we take the same Actions, getting the same results month after month, and year after year. It’s our subconscious programming or the Paradigms which control the habitual behavior. To get the new improved Results, Paradigm Shift is required.

Disclaimer: We are not only promoting the Paradigm Shift Seminar as an affiliate, but Veeroes team attains the live streaming. This program adds tremendous values to our life. This can be one of the best investments of your life. Although there are hundreds of good things about the program and it worked for thousands of people, there is no guarantee that it will work for you. The result depends on your ability to grasp the information and taking actions to change your old habits.



Best Wishes for Your New Improved Version.