Bob Proctor

The Author:

Bob Proctor is a prominent name among the most influential people in the world. Bob Proctor is a globally renowned motivational speaker, life coach, consultant, and author, whose work has touched many lives. His literary achievements include a number of best-selling books, and he is also a scholar in The Law of Attraction teachings. Bob’s ultimate goal is to help people and businesses to develop their skills by utilizing the endless potential within them.

Bob in his long career has developed many strategies to show people how they can achieve something which they thought was unachievable. He is considered the world’s leading expert on the human mind and its behavior.

Early Life:

Bob Proctor was born in Ontario, Canada in 1934. He was a high school dropout and struggled in early life while hopping jobs. Bob tried his luck with various jobs, but he couldn’t find success.

One day, he got the book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It is a self-help book that had changed thousands of lives and helped them achieve success. The book influenced Bob so much that he transformed his life entirely since then.

Bob started his own business, which offered office cleaning solutions. After having a fantastic success in his first year itself, Bob decided to know more about this great path of success. He then joined the Nightingale-Conant corporation and learned under the expertise of Earl Nightingale. He rose to become a VP Sales in the organization, in a very short span of time.

At one point he decided to teach and share his ideas and strategies for success with more people. There was no turning back from there. Bob went ahead and conducted motivational speeches and seminars across the United States and Canada, in the 1970s. His name and empire grew from there. Along with this, his books became one of the bestselling self-help books until today.

Bob Proctor Programs

Law of attraction:

Bob Proctor is a great believer and expert in the Law of Attraction. Bob has simplified the Law of Attraction for an ordinary man and teaches them how to use its powers in daily life. He urges that if people can imagine and visualize what they want in life, then they will attract it. He has stated that the people who are successful today had no idea how they would achieve success, but they sure visualized how that success would feel like.

The Secret :

The Secret book and its author Rhonda Byrne needs no introduction. People who have already read the book or watched the movie knows the immense contribution of Bob Procter in inspiring and developing it.  Rhonda Byrne got tremendously encouraged by the teachings of Bob Proctor and his philosophy regarding  The Law of Attraction.

The secret has many quotes from Bob Proctor. The opening quote in which Bob Proctor explains “what The Secret actually is”; is moving and highly motivating.

The Proctor and Gallagher Institute:

Sandy Gallagher, a successful attorney who later became the co-founder of the institute attended a 3-day seminar of Bob Proctor in 2006. Those three days moved her so much that she eventually joined the Proctor’s team. It leads to the creation of Proctor and Gallagher Institute which is a prominent name in the self-help world.

There is an end number of achievements that Bob Proctor has achieved in his long career. However, the most prominent would be the number of lives that he has changed in this period.