The law of attraction is the ability to attract anything in our life if we focus on it.

The Law of Attraction is always working just like the law of gravity. However, the former is not as evident as the law of gravity. The law of attraction utilizes the power of the mind to attract whatever we desire in our thoughts and materialize them for real.  The law stresses the fact that positive thoughts bring a positive return, and negative thoughts attract negativity. It does not mean that all you need to do is imagine good things and they will happen to you automatically. You need to take positive actions to attract positive results.

Most of the people invest a lot of energy in avoiding negative things they don’t want in their life. The principles of the law of attraction ask its followers to shift their thinking pattern. Instead of focussing on the things that you do not want to happen in your life, you try to move your focus on things you want to welcome in your life.

A Brief History:

Over 40,000 years ago people knew about the law and used it for healing purposes or make crops grow. They even used it to change weathers and avoid natural calamities. Since then, many writers and thinkers have written about it. New Thought philosophy of the law of attraction was developed from the teachings of Phineas Quimby (early 19th century). Russian philosopher Helena Blavatsky was first to coin the term, “The Law of Attraction.” In 2006, when The Secret film was released, the concept gained lots of exposure. Since then a lot of new authors have written about it.

New thoughts authors believe that the law of attraction is always in motion just like energy. Many famous poets, writers, musicians, thinkers, etc., who have left their mark on history have shown the effect of the law of attraction in their lives. Personalities like Shakespeare, Emerson, Newton, Beethoven have conveyed the message through their various works.

Is the Law of Attraction Real?

Similar to the famous personalities in history many of modern age successful entrepreneurs, thinkers, and billionaires credit the teachings of the law of attraction for their success. Some of the prominent names are Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Denzel Washington, Bill Gates, Bob Proctor, Mark Cuban, and many more.

The most critical part of embracing the principles of the law of attraction is the realization of the fact that “Only You can Change Your Life and Shape Your Future.”

Backed by Science

The benefits of the law of attraction seem unrealistic too many people. But there are many scientific facts that The Law of Attraction does exist. Recent brain imaging techniques have confirmed the effect of our actions on our brain activities. The scientist working in the field of quantum physics in recent years have given a lot of insights on how the power of our mind impacts our life and universe in general.

The more time one will spend on understanding the principles and methods of the law of attraction more effectively they will be able to implement it in their daily life.

Why the Law of Attraction?

If you are someone who doesn’t want better health, relationship and abundance in life then it is not for you. However, if you wish to have all these and much more. Apply the law of attraction, as it can effectively lead you to be more successful in life. First, develop your intentions, what you truly desire in life. Keep aside some time every day for thinking about what you desire in your life, just like daily meditation. Then get up and take one step daily in a positive direction. As thinking alone will not bring any results.

Final Thoughts:

All one need to do, to begin on this highly rewarding journey of self-development, is to start thinking positive. One can bring anything in their life and can become anything they want to be. The priority here is to clear the clutter, get rid of all the unhappy thoughts and fill your mind with positivity. It may be a bit daunting initially, but regular practice can make a huge difference.

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