Why Should You Write A Book?

 If the thoughts about writing a book keep coming to your mind, then you must not wait any further. The actual book is going to be much better than the one in your imagination. There is no better way to put yourself out there in front of the world. However, that’s also the fear which restricts many people from achieving their desire to write a book. These fears and hesitations create a barrier and you get confused whether to move ahead or not. But the prerequisite is, you must have the clarity in your mind that Why You Should Write a Book?

“Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.”

~ Babe Ruth

There is a 100% possibility that you will never become a writer if you never try to be one.
Everyone can write a book. Yes, you read it right. Almost anyone can become a writer by learning the process of writing a good book.
Everyone out there has some stories inside them which they want to share. All it needs is a structured approach to express it.

Now, let find out the answer to the main question here.

Why you should write a book?

Writing a book has many perks which most of the people don’t know or don’t recognize. It is an amazing creative outlet which comes with a number of benefits.

10 Reasons You Should Write A Book

1. Touching more lives: Writing a book is definitely a much stronger way of putting your thoughts and knowledge in front of the world. It gives you the ability to reach out to people who are thousands of kilometers away from you. Books have an enormous reach if marketed properly. If you have knowledge and experience which is meant to be shared, then it becomes your moral obligation to share it with others.

 2. Enhancing a valuable skill: The process of writing involves many things from reading a similar kind of content, researching, writing, and editing. This whole journey will enrich you with new knowledge and enhanced skill set. It is a continuous learning process where you are required to re-evaluate your ideas and optimize them.

3. Increases your credibility: Once you are a published author you reach too much higher grounds in comparison to other professionals from your field. It is an instant credibility booster and helps you to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Both customers and co-workers will trust you more and will be enthusiastic to work with you. It gives you an expert status and attracts more respect professionally. It is the way human psychology works even if someone has not read the book but knows about it. They would believe in your expertise over the others.

 4. Builds Self-confidence: Being a published author is a big ego booster. Just by completing the book one will feel a sense of accomplishment. Writing a book is a big project and the feeling of fulfillment is amazing.

5. Develops the creative side of you: Writing stimulates the creative genius inside you. It can improve your mental agility and other skills. Writing involves a lot of research and thinking which enables the creative juices to flow.

 6. Express your opinion: Being the creator, you have the full control over the content you write. It gives you a way to express your opinion on a certain subject. You have the freedom to offer a unique perspective which only you can share.

7. Contributing to the world: Your book can either have the ability to change the world or it will at least change your perspective to look at the world. If you are passionate about what you do your book will attract like-minded people. Your book can be a tool in changing lives, all you need to do is to take the first step towards it.

 8. Earning more money: If marketed efficiently you can earn a lot from your book. If you own a business, then your book will promote you much more than any sales employee working for you. A good book can make money for you even in your sleep.

9. Writing is therapeutic: Writing is more or less a self-realization process which enables you to learn a lot more about yourself. Whatever you chose to write fiction, memoir, or a self-help book, it involves lots of time sitting alone, listening to your own thoughts and making sense out of it.

 10. Experience of a lifetime: Even if you have just one book on your name when you hold it for the first time in your hand, that moment, that feeling, is difficult to put in words even by a writer like you. A lot of adjectives can be used here to express that feeling. However, it will not make sense because even while reading these lines the writer in you can already feel all those emotions running inside.

You must stop finding excuses. Dreaming about it will not make you a writer, you must get started. You can create your own book. Now it’s your turn to be a published author and write a book.

We need the first step from your side, A Commitment to the JourneyNow, write, publish and market your book much faster than you ever imagined.

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