The entire process of mental adjustment and atonement can be summed up in one word, Gratitude.

Wallace D. WattlesThe Science of Getting Rich

Gratitude is to be Thankful. It’s the emotion which expresses appreciation for good things. This emotion is so powerful that it can turn around your life immediately.

Why it’s important to be in an Attitude of Gratitude?

When something goes wrong like missing the flight, spilling coffee; you feel low, lazy and you go in a bad mood that puts you in a bad vibration. So, you attract all the bad things. You won’t attract what you want. But when you are in the Attitude of Gratitude, you attract what you want. Being in Gratitude is a beautiful vibration that puts you in harmony with the law. But the magic of Gratitude can only be effective when you feel it in every cell of your being.  It’s the overwhelming feeling of Gratitude that brings richness to you.

Whatever you want to achieve in your life, your dream is at a particular frequency. Once you are in that frequency, you get the power to change your circumstances. You can be in your desired frequency if you are in harmony with the natural laws of the universe. Your main challenge is to put you in the harmony of the natural laws or the good that you desire. And that’s what Gratitude does. When you do Gratitude, you flow with the current of the river, but when you are not grateful for the things you have, you go against it. Constantly being in the Attitude of Gratitude can change everything in your life.

When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around. ~ Willie Nelson

How to Practice Gratitude?

You can do Gratitude in whatever way you want to do and whenever you want to do. But if you do it in a systematic way, you will get magical results. Below are five tips to have more Gratitude in your life.

  1. Write it: Make it a daily routine to write down 10 things you are grateful for every morning. Do it as soon as you can after waking up, at least before taking breakfast. Make a Gratitude Journal and keep all your daily Gratitude at one place.
  2. Be Grateful for Everything: Don’t think about big things to be grateful for. You can be thankful for every small thing. It can be running water in your bathroom, your clothes, shoes, coffee, the job that you have, and the list goes on and on.
  3. Several Time a Day: It’s not enough to do Gratitude just every morning. If you want magical results from the power of Gratitude, do it several time a day. Keep a Gratitude Reminder on your laptop, mobile, workstation, mirror, refrigerator or anything that can remind you to be grateful.
  4. Feel It: The key to harness the power of Gratitude is to FEEL IT. Feel it in your every cell and saturate yourself with this. When you have deep feelings of Gratitude for every small thing in your life, your circumstances will start to change immediately.
  5. Express Yourself: Make Gratitude the way of your life. Say ‘Thank You’ to every one whenever you get a chance and mean it. If you are Grateful to someone, meet the person and express your Gratitude, do a phone call or write an email. When you express your Gratitude, it benefits you as well as the other person.
When things don’t go the way you want, and you absolutely have no idea what to do, then Do Gratitude. Make a list of all the things and all the people in your life for which you are Grateful and feel that. This deep feeling of Gratitude can shift your entire day and life. It hooks you to the source of supply and closer you get to the source more richness will come to your life. It keeps you on tracks by putting your mind and body in the right vibration. A Grateful person always gets more in life, and feels the joy inside.


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