What is Success?

Everybody can define Success in their own way, based on their own life experience. So, the definition of Success varies from person to person. For example, Earning a certain amount of Money could be Success for one person whereas losing weight could be for another one. Most people consider Success as achieving something that they want to or reaching a certain point in their life. But Success is a Journey, not a Destination.

Earl Nightingale was a great motivational speaker and author. He started the industry of personal development through recorded messages. After seventeen years of research, in 1959 he arrived at the definition of Success. It says —

“Success is the Progressive Realization of a Worthy Ideal.”

According to this definition, to be successful, the first thing that we have to have is a Worthy Ideal. Then working on that in a progressive way.

Success in every area of our life is completely governed by Natural Laws. Working in harmony with the natural laws guarantee Success in every area of our life. Earl Nightingale said, “Strange and Marvelous things will happen with constant regularity as you alter your life and begin living in harmony with the laws of the Universe.”

Success Barriers —

We often see that if a person is highly successful in any one area of his life, the chances are that he will be successful in other areas as well. If a person is highly successful in one business, most of the times he can start and run another business also very successfully. So, being successful isn’t a one time act. It’s a part of our daily life, it’s our behaviour and  habits. Our behaviour is controlled by our sub-concious mind so the biggest barrier is our success is Our Own Mind.

Everyone’s mind has it’s own programming. Our mind programming controls our thinking and feelings and that controls our actions, then finally our actions control our results.

Joseph Campbell said “The Cave You Fear to Enter holds the Treasure you Seek.”

Many of us actually can’t even think that we can achieve massive success in our life. There is a fear lies within us. So we don’t think about it and we don’t discuss it with anyone. But at the same time, there is a higher self inside us which knocks the door now and then and inspires us to do something that we really want to do, that we really enjoy doing. Many people ignore this voice because this is exact opposite of their current situations and circumstances and turning it into reality seems impossible. Few give a thought to this inner voice and start doing something. Now the actual barrier will come. Remember, only those people will face the barriers who wants to succeed. Those who are confortable with their life, will continue to live in the same way and will never experience this fear or barriers. Bob Proctor calls this Success Barriers as Terror Barriers. It’s when he get hit by an unkown fear and then they get a desire to fall. When we try to achieve something big in our life, we have to reprogram our mind for new resutls. But mind can’t accecpt this new programming easily because it wants to be with the same several year old programming. Then there starts a mental war and this mental conflict is the biggest barrier in success. One part of our mind says Yes whereas another part says No. Whoever wins controls our thinking, feelings, actions and results.