Are you tired of failing at all your attempts to achieve your goals?

Many people go through this phase, where they find it hard to realize their goals. There can be end number of reasons and circumstances which may act as roadblocks. Do you want to know the main reason behind it? Most people don’t spend much time finding out their true goals. It is really amusing that most people know exactly what they DON’T want in life, but very few know what they want. So, lots of people merely drift through their lives, ever realizing their true goals.

“If You Know What To Do To Reach Your Goal, It’s Not A Big Enough Goal.”

– Bob Proctor

It is rather amusing that we put in lot of thoughts for planning a short weekend trip, but don’t think much when we need to plan for our lives. This problem can’t be solved by blaming it on the reasons or circumstances. One needs to take the necessary steps to plan their goals. There are several exciting and powerful ways to change this constant relay of failures by breaking your habits, which are disrupting your growth. One such way is self-hypnosis. It is one of the most energizing forms of meditation that enables you to communicate directly to your subconscious mind. You might be wondering by now how you are going to hypnotize yourself. You don’t necessarily need a guide to learn hypnosis to learn all the benefits. All you need is a bit of practice to get the hang of it. The purpose of this article is not to teach you self-hypnosis but to make you aware of the benefits.

What is self-hypnosis?

As mentioned earlier, self-hypnosis is an energizing form of meditation which helps in tackling stress and reduce distraction. It can be one of the most effective tools for reprogramming how we think. All you need is just a few minutes daily, and you find yourself more relaxed, focussed, and productive.

Does self-hypnosis work?

Yes, it does! But does it always work or not that’s a different question. The results will differ from person to person and your goals. The primary reason it may not working for you lies in your goals. When you are using self-hypnosis for goal achieving, make sure your goals are specific and achievable. For example, if your goal is world peace, then just forget it will never work for you. You need to be precise like, “I want to lose 2 pounds of weight each week”, “I want to crack my next job interview”, etc. Make more realistic wishes and have a positive attitude towards the whole process, as even an ounce of hesitation will not be good for the process.

Benefits of Self-hypnosis

Once you master the art, you can use self-hypnosis to stay motivated and stay in the right frame of mind. The right mindset is crucial for your journey to success. Regular practice of self-hypnosis can make it happen by bringing the subconscious mind in the front. There is one funny thing about our subconscious mind that it cannot differentiate between imaginary and real situations. Therefore, by regular practice of self-hypnosis, you can reprogram your mind for achieving your goals related to health, profession, and many more. Some of the scientifically proven benefits of self-hypnosis are as follows:

  1. Relieves Stress: Self-hypnosis techniques are often used by medical professionals to ease the anxiety caused by or during medical procedures. The mechanism may be termed as a placebo effect, but it does relieve the stress level during procedures like surgery, giving birth, etc.
  2. Focus better: During self-hypnosis state, you activate your subconscious mind, which promotes creativity and ideas. This helps you to focus better and think about the decisions that you made or going to make in the future. By regular practice, you will notice an elevated level of focus and concentration in whatever you do.
  3. Relieves pain: Self-hypnosis has proven to be the most natural way of relieving pain. IT helps in relaxing our nervous system, thus, reducing the feeling of pain. According to a study, over 75% of people have approved that self-hypnosis has helped them in managing pain related to arthritis, chronic pain due to other health issues, etc.
  4. Improves sleep: Swiss researchers studied the effect of self-hypnosis on a group of healthy women and found out that it does improve the quality of sleep. The selected group were allowed to take a nap for 90 minutes after listening to self-hypnotic tapes. 80% of the women were found to have spent more time in slow-wave sleep (deep sleep) than they did after listening to normal tapes. This result ensures that self-hypnosis can be beneficial for people suffering from sleep disorders.
  5. Relieves IBS: Irritable bowel syndrome is a wide-spread health issue, and it occurs irrespective of what age you belong to. Self-hypnosis has once again proven that it can help ease the problems. According to research conducted in 2003, researchers found that over 71% of people experienced improvement in their IBS condition cause of hypnotherapy.
  6. Suppresses Hot flashes: In 2013, a study found that hypnosis can be extremely beneficial in reducing episodes of hot flashes in postmenopausal women. The group of women who reported to have at least 50 hot flashes a week, were made to practice 5 self-hypnosis sessions a week for 12 weeks. All of them agreed that their hot flashes had been cut down by 74%.
  7. Help Quit Smoking: Jose Maldonado, MD, associate professor of psychiatry at Stanford University, reported that the success rate of people quitting smoking increases by 64% when they practice self-hypnosis exercises.
  8. Good for your career: Being motivated and goal-oriented are some of the main requirements when it comes to career building. With self-hypnosis, you can connect with your subconscious mind to stay clear about your goals and be motivated. Many executives practice self-hypnosis to get that extra edge to work more efficiently.

The above benefits make it clear that self-hypnotherapy can develop the right attitude and success mindset to achieve your goals. Finally, you might be thinking about how to learn self-hypnotherapy. There are multiple courses available that have been proven to extremely effective and helped several people around the world to harness the benefits of self-hypnosis. The courses are easily available online. Find the best-suited courses for your requirements and use them to determine your future.