One of the things people often ask about the relevance of attending a Live Event or a concert. With the easy availability of online streaming and the abundance of recorded sessions just a click away, it seems like a relevant question. Thanks to technology now you can listen to all the music in the world and watch all the programs or events at the comfort of our home. However, there are some remarkable benefits of attending a live concert or a live event. We bring you a list of reasons why attending a live event can be something of real value to you.

  1. Live energy: Seeing your favorite band play or your favorite actor perform live on stage is an out of this world experience. Any fabulous quality headphones or big screen can’t match up to the energy and level of entertainment. The live events provide us an opportunity to witness a powerful and exciting thing in person.
  2. Watch the raw, unedited version: Recorded versions of any event pass through a series of edits. The content is timed and optimized for the viewers. However, live events, the speaker or musician directly communicates to you. You can witness audience reaction to it and even learn a few things from that if it’s a learning event. It’s the possibility of one-on-one communication which can’t be matched anywhere else.
  3. Full concentration on the event: Going to an event is an event in itself. We take some special time away from the everyday routine. It’s often seen that people get their best ideas when they are away from everyday mundanity. If in case, you are attending a live seminar or motivation or business development. It requires your complete and undivided attention to imbibe the learnings and give a real boost to your motivation.
  4. Meet like-minded people: There is something about being in a shared space with like-minded people and all watching the same thing. It is such an intangible feeling that we mostly fail to understand this. We get a chance to meet people from different cultural background, gender, ethnicity all together at one place enjoying the same performance. It also helps a lot when it comes to networking. Some people have made excellent business contact while on live events.
  5. Specific learning: There events which can help you learn a lot about yourself and what you want from your life. You can choose a specific topic and only focus on that while on an event with no distraction in place.
  6. It’s fun: This is one of the best reasons when you give up a day or a weekend and actually do something for yourself. You can plan it with your friends, and It could be a mini vacation for you all. Attending a concert or a live event is a fabulous way to invest in memories that you will carry forever with you.

It might seem like a costly affair when you think about attending a live event, and cost increases when it is in some other city. However, considering all the above reasons, we believe one must attend a Live event once to experience it truly. You may even encounter some negative experience or might already have. But don’t let it scare you from experiencing any new adventure.