Most of us out there, plan to lead a healthy and productive life. You make various goals for yourself, like career goals, family goals, health goals, etc. You think about becoming a person of influence in the community where you can contribute positively to the wellbeing of others. However, as time passes you start drifting farther from your goal because of circumstances or your habits. Then you wonder how come your life wandered away from the path that you had chosen for yourself? You ask yourself, What is that which I am not doing right? Why my efforts are not bringing any results? What is that thing which I am lacking?

Where do you turn for answers? When you go and look around for answers you get bombarded with an overload of information. The stores and internet are filled with self-help materials which are claiming to have a solution for all your problems. However, after going through a few of them they don’t really give you any substantial results.

So, rather than chasing for millions of noises out there, won’t it be better if we turn to the masters. Just imagine you receive advice and life coaching from industries best every week. Imagine that you are not all alone in figuring out answers to your life’s questions, but an expert is there to guide you. Imagine that you are surrounded by a group of like-minded people striving together to become the best version of themselves.

It’s not just imagination but truth. Now, you can join Proctor Gallagher Streaming Club, which is a program specifically designed to have access to a community of enthusiastic people, where the members support each other with ideas and steps to build a life that you always imagined for yourself.

What Do You Get?

Once you are a member of this amazing community, you will get direct access to the people and materials that can help you increase your vibrations and awareness immediately. From Proctor and Gallagher Streaming Club you can expect:

Live Calls:

This provides you with an opportunity to interact directly with none other than Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. You can expect two live calls per month with either one of them or from other members of the inner circle or guest speakers.

Tickets to Live Stream Events:

You will receive the tickets to watch the Live Streaming of all the events conducted by Proctor and Gallagher Institute. Plus, you can watch these events again, as they are archived for the next 14 days. The upcoming powerful live streaming is the Paradigm Shift Seminar


You can interact with like-minded people and gain support and ideas. You will get an exclusive invitation to join the Facebook Group exclusive for Streaming Club members. You have access to all the early bird specials and VIP content.

Excellent Customer Service:

You can expect superb customer service, to help you with all your transactional troubles.

Bonus Articles:

Wait, it’s not over yet. You can have access to several inspirational and intuitive articles written from the 80s to the present day.

What makes the Streaming Club special?

Look around the Internet, and you will find there is end number of individuals who are more than pleased with Bob Proctor Streaming Club and how this has transformed their lives in the most amazing ways. The unique thing about this program is that it doesn’t promise you any magical results. You may even find it difficult to comprehend all the information initially. However, over the course of the program, you will develop awareness about life’s most important questions which will transform your overall perspective.

Still not convinced? We highlight some fantastic benefits that you will get once you become part of this extraordinary inner circle.

  • The program assists you in all the important life choices that you make in your life.
  • All the information provided in the program has the ability to transform you and your life completely.
  • The program is designed in a way that even if you are a newbie on the path of self- discovery, you will be able to follow and understand it.
  • The Live Stream sessions and recordings look good in all devices.
  • You can cancel anytime you want.

What not to expect?

No effective self-help program can offer a quick fix for all your life problems. You need to have time and patience and must go through the entire process of self-discovery. So, if you are someone, who is desperate and looking for an instant solution then you must keep the following things in mind:

  • The Live call may not line up as per your work schedules. You will have to keep the time slots provided to you free.
  • You need to have access to the internet, as it is a must.

Final thoughts:

You must think this as an investment that you make for you attaining a better life. Streaming Club can help in bring back your focus and streamline your efforts into a positive direction. The program puts you in real life scenarios and enables you to gain tangible results.

If you are ready to embrace changes and want to welcome all the good things in your life that you always wanted, then click on the button below to gain access to JOIN THE STREAMING CLUB! You can also check Bob Proctor’s other programs which include Magic in Your Mind, 6 Minutes to Success and upcoming live stream Paradigm Shift Seminar.