How to Bounce Back in Life?

How to bounce back when life knocks you down? If this question troubles you, trust me you are not alone. No one has a perfect life. Life is a complex journey full of highs and lows. Let us begin with an understanding, that life assures both difficult times and happier days in your journey.?

There are times in life when it is challenging, where you feel your life is falling apart. Maybe:

  1. You are frustrated at work.
  2. You lose your job.
  3. There can be a problem in a relationship.
  4. You are sick or someone very close to you is sick or dies.
  5. You are stuck in some legal issues

Do these situations sound familiar to you?

If this period of life is prolonged you will feel heavier inside you, the days will feel all dark, and you have no clue how to come out of it.  It is obvious that your confidence will be a bit shaken up in these situations. Good news is that you can get your confidence back by practicing certain scientific tools and techniques. These tools will also help you to become more resilient over the period. So that in future you handle such situations in a better way and you can overcome them much faster.

How to begin?

There is always the first step that you need to take for all your journeys. After which life sets its own course. Here we will guide you through a 3 steps journey which will reprogram your mind for the better.

Step 1. Declaration

Create your own personal declaration. Declaration here means you set your intention on what you want to achieve. You are going through difficult times, don’t expect it to be all clear at the start but eventually, you will get clarity. And once you are clear, take the time to write down your personal declaration. Take a print and post it where you can see it Every Day. This will reinforce your focus and remind you of your intentions. You have a much better chance of realizing your goals if you write them down. However, most of you might not be able to achieve clarity about your intentions that easily.

Here’s how you can do that.

  • Dream Big: Don’t limit yourselves when you are dreaming about success. Be unrealistic when you dream. Don’t force your dreams to be reasonable and easily achievable. Many of the successful people on the planet had unrealistic dreams, which were mocked by all. Don’t overthink and dream about the life you want, and you really deserve.
  • Do it Now: Don’t procrastinate, you must start right NOW. You must get started to set the pace of the manifestation process. Not later, not tomorrow but now. Let’s begin with a simple 12 months plan.
  • Write them down: Writing something down makes it’s official. You may not realize it, but it sure has a magical power. You write down your dreams and things you want to achieve in the next 12 months, for example, “My Life one Year from Now”. With this, you made this intention stronger and gave yourself a purpose. It is a critical step to accelerate your manifestation process.
  • Be Flexible: Never ever give up! But do remember life is not always the way we want it to be. Moreover, you have already witnessed your life falling apart. So, you know it better than anyone else. Don’t be rigid you have to be flexible to adjust to the changing life paths. Don’t see them as setbacks but this is a where you adjust your path and continue further.

Step 2: Harness your Inner power to bounce back

Once you are through Step 1, you have laid a foundation to achieve greatness in your life. You will start witnessing some positive results just after you are done with Step 1.  The change that you want to happen in your life must come from inside. We need to begin this step by a simple understanding that it’s always the inner thoughts about the situation which causes the suffering and not the external factors. However, the silver lining here is once you realize the cause of your sufferings you become the in charge of your life. Once you realize about your inner thoughts next step is to reprogram them.

  • Reprogram Your Conscious Mind: When you become aware of your conscious mind you have the power to control it. You need to shift your conscious mind to focus on positivity. Consciously try to be in the Attitude of Gratitude all the time.
  • Reprogram You Sub-Conscious Mind: Second part here is little more complex but not impossible to achieve. Even after fine tuning your conscious mind, you might feel resistance from inside because of your subconscious. It can become a roadblock in the manifestation process. Remember We never manifest what we want but what we believe.
  • Elevate your Vibration to a higher Level: The final part here decides the success of this step. If you want to bounce faster from your current situation then it is crucial that you shift your energetic frequency. Just by completing the first two parts you will already be able to elevate your vibrations to higher level. Make sure that you are always in a state of LOVE, PEACE, JOY, and GRATITUDE. This will ensure that you always project positive energy and forces universe to return similar positivity in your life.

Step 3. The Truth

This is the final step which we begin by asking ourselves “What we really want?”. The ultimate aim of all this is to find the happiness in our lives and coming out of the current difficult situation. The key to bounce back in life lies in your happiness, from, within. When you are not happy you project negative energy. By ensuring that you focus on being happy RIGHT NOW, will accelerate your process of achieving the life of your dreams.

The Truth here is it’s your life. You must take charge now. No one else can do it for you. You must start by giving your life and dreams the priority that they deserve.

You may find hundreds of articles and blogs online giving you tips to get instant results, for example, “5 tips to bounce back in life” etc. etc. However, instant never means permanent. You can also try Quora asking random strangers, but you will be wasting your time.

By following these steps, you will not get the results instantly, but it will help build you as a stronger and more resilient person. A person who has the courage to stand face to face to his/her difficulties. You will be better equipped both emotionally and physically to face similar situations in the future. Surround yourself with positive minded people, read Bounce Back Quotes, study Positive Mental Attitude books and you will find a change over a period of time.